• Image of West End Tea Set
  • Image of West End Tea Set

English Breakfast tea has been around for 170 years, but don’t think it smells like mothballs & talcum powder. It’s robust flavour has hints of pine & dried plum. A blend of Ceylon, Kenya & Keemun make it the perfect anytime tea, not just for sharing with your Nanna.

Made by our friends at the West End Tea Co, this gorgeous gift set is the perfect winter warmer for any celebration. This set can also be added to any real estate settlement box.

Featuring a 75g bottle (makes up to 35 cups), and a gorgeous silver tea infuser ball.

Ingredients: Organic camellia sinensis, organic beragmot essence

Contains Caffeine.

Buying this as a gift? We can gift wrap it, and sort you out with an awesome greeting card, for no extra charge!